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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothing does Modell's sporting goods sell?

Combine comfort and style with sports clothing from Modell's. Our activewear includes head-to-toe workout clothes from compression socks, sweat-wicking tees, and hoodies to jerseys, performance shorts, and more.

Who is the CEO of Modell sporting goods?

Modell's billboards have been plastered at Yankee Stadium over the years and the company's tagline, "Gotta Go to Mo's," is present at New York sports stadiums. CEO Mitchell Modell cited an "extremely challenging environment for retailers" in the decision to liquidate.

Are there workout clothes for men at Modell's?

Modell’s men’s workout clothes make the perfect gift for the gym-oriented man in your life, whether he’s involved with team sports or just likes to partake in a light weekly gym workout. Whatever his workout preference may be, let Modell’s put him on track to do it in elite style and comfort!

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