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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Modell's closing down?

NEW YORK — Modell’s Sporting Goods, the century-old family-owned sporting goods chain, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will be closing its remaining 115 stores. It becomes the latest...

Who is Modell's sporting goods?

“Today, I had the worst day of my life,” said Mitchell Modell, the company’s president and chief executive. Credit... While the names on the back of the jerseys have changed over the decades, from Strawberry to Syndergaard, the retail chain that sold them has been a fixture for more than a century: Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Is there more competition for Modell's?

“There’s a lot more competition.” Founded in 1889 by Morris A. Modell, the first Modell’s store was located on Cortlandt Street in lower Manhattan, according to the company website. The chain, which is being run by the fourth generation of the Modell family, developed the business into a chain of over 150 stores throughout the Northeast.

How many employees does Modell's have?

The company, which is based in Manhattan, has 3,600 employees and has stores throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. It claims to be the oldest sporting goods retailer. Mitchell Modell, 65, the company’s president and C.E.O., said in an interview on Wednesday night that it was a gut-wrenching decision.

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