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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-drawn UML model symbols?

Pre-drawn UML model symbols represent activity, state, object in state, decision activity, control flow, object flow, horizontal synchronization bar, initial state, final state, swimlane, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

What is an association symbol in a BPMN diagram?

Association symbol - Shows relationships between artifacts and flow objects. Swimlanes in a BPMN diagram Swimlanes are used to organize aspects of a process in a BPMN diagram. Swimlanes visually group objects into lanes, with each aspect of the process added to a separate lane.

What are the components and its symbols in ER diagram?

Following are the main components and its symbols in ER Diagrams: Rectangles: This Entity Relationship Diagram symbol represents entity types. Ellipses : Symbol represent attributes. Diamonds: This symbol represents relationship types. Lines: It links attributes to entity types and entity types with ...

Why do the Arts operational data model diagrams use color?

In addition to the IE notation, the ARTS Operational Data Model diagrams use color to highlight new entities and relationships that have been added in release 7.3 and entities and relationships in version 7.0 that have been changed. Readers who are familiar with release 7.2 should carefully review the additions and changes in version 7.3.

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