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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Modell's coupon code?

In the case of deals and vouchers, click your favorite and follow the links to be taken to the best online discounts. With a coupon code, you’ll want to copy it from our page before you finish shopping at Modell’s. When you’re ready to use it, view your cart and paste the code in the specified box in the bottom-left of the screen.

Where can I find the nearest Modell's store?

To get a feel for some sportswear you want added to your wardrobe, you can easily pinpoint your nearest Modell’s by entering your address on the company Store Locator. From there, you’ll find out addresses, opening hours, contact numbers and featured in-store brands.

Are there student discounts at Modell's sporting goods?

College students get a 10% student discount on sporting goods at Modell's. Join the Modell's Sporting Goods MVP program and get 20% off during your whole birthday month! That's a great present, if you ask me.

How much is a football set at Modell's?

You can buy either an email or physical card to suit the occasion, with values ranging from $10 for new socks up to $100 for a full football set. The price for each of these delivery types will change according to the total value of your basket. For a breakdown of all these shipping rates in full, check out their online page.

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