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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bad reviews on

I saw a lot of bad reviews before I made my purchase and was a little worried, but everything came perfectly and quickly (only about 2 and a half weeks) also came with some free gifts too!! I ordered my package on May 1, 2021.

What kind of nail polish does modelones use?

Modelones Acrylic Powder Candy Color Set 12 Color Professional Polymer ... Gel Nail Polish Neon Gel Polish Summer Blue Purple Yellow Green Hot Pink ... Gel Nail Polish Kit 12 Colors Gel Polish Set 2021 New Spring Style Nail Gel ... Gel Nail Polish 12 Colors Spring Summer Neon Gel Polish Soak Off Nail Gel Polish ...

What was the problem with the modelones gel?

When the package finally arrived, the Polygels had been just thrown in a thin bubble wrap bag that was not sealed and so the polygels had been burst open, tubes literally cracked and popped and sticky gel was all in my package.

How many times have I ordered from modelones?

PayPal dispute now sent I have ordered from Modelones previously 3 times before and while it took a little like a month I didn’t have any issues. 4th time, it arrived 3 months later!! I thought it was lost for good, and the website they linked for tracking information was a dead end and didn’t tell me anything.

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