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Frequently Asked Questions

What does modem mean on a computer?

modem - Computer Definition A device that comprises both a modulator that changes a signal in some way in the forward direction and a demodulator that changes the signal back to its original form in the backward direction, essentially reversing the modulation process.

What is the function of a modem in a computer?

A modem is an external or internal device thats function is to transmit digital data over communication lines. Traditional modems once used frequently with dial-up networks convert analog data from telephone lines into computer digital data. Broadband modems transfer digital data between two digital devices. Modems...

What is a modem used for in a computer?

A modem is used to help your computer to communicate / talk to another computer/s via a telephone line. What it does in short, is changes digital data that you send from your computer into analogue data that can be transferred via a phone line.

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