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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a modem?

What are the parts inside a modem? Computer or computer network—entirely digital. Computer interface. Modem controller—essentially the modem's independent, central processor. Digital to analog converter (for outgoing, transmitted data)—turns computer data into phone-like analog signals. Analog to ...

What is a a modem?

A modem is the "interpreter" between a digital computer and the traditionally analog phone network, which is sometimes (especially in technical books) referred to as the PSTN (public switched telephone network). The main components shown here are: Computer or computer network—entirely digital.

What is the serial port on a modem for?

Serial connection: Connects the modem to your computer's serial (RS-232) port. Newer modems connect to the USB port instead. Microphone socket: Connects an external microphone so you can record messages in higher quality than if you use the built-in microphone.

What is an example of a hardware modem?

External modems—ones you connect to your computer through a cable or PCMCIA socket—are examples of what we call hardware modems: the modem functions are carried out entirely by chips and other electronic components in hardware. Dialup modems are probably the most familiar hardware modems, though few us use them these days.

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