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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find modem password?

In the modem’s user manual. Another place where you can find the default username and password of your modem is in the user’s manual for the device. Even if you don’t have the hard copy of your manual, you’ll probably be able to find a digital copy online.

How do you change password on your modem?

You can change the Modem Login User Name and Password by opening a browser on a connected computer and entering on the browser address line. This will take you to the modem login screen.

How do I Find my Arris router password?

click on the wifi icon right side down in ur task bar. click on ur wifi u will see your wifi name which is connected to your laptop or computer. right click on your wifi select property a new window will open. There you will find network security below to it select show characters and you will see your password.

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