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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a router and a modem the same thing?

A router is a small device that sits between your modem and computer. Most routers are about the same size and shape as a modem. The purpose of the router is to take the information from the modem and deliver it to your computer. But that’s not the cool part.

How is a modem and a router different?

A modem is a device that negotiates the connection with your ISP through your telephone line while a router is a device that is used to connect two networks together, in this case your network to your modem. ... A router is used to connect two or more networks while a modem is used to connect to a phone line.

Can you use router instead modem?

Unless Wi-Fi routers also have a modem built in (combo model), they cannot be used to access the internet without also using a modem. However, standalone routers can still be used to transfer files between devices on a home network without needing a modem.

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