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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about moksha room?

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Where does the concept of moksha come from?

The concept of Moksha emerges from the concept of purushartha. Purush here refers to the primal man, who is the source of the universe. Scholars believe that this purush is not gender-specific and can include both men and women. Artha means the purpose or aim of life. Therefore purushartha refers to the aims in life.

Is the monk of Mokha a page turner?

As with Valentino Dent (What is the What) and Abdulrahman Zeitoun, he has taken the life of Mokhtar Alkhanshali and crafted it into a book so readable and yet so informative and true it becomes a real page turner. His books are proof of his extraordinary empathy, and this one is no exception.

What happens to the soul after achieving moksha?

Once you achieve moksha, you break the cycle of birth and rebirth and attain true knowledge of the self and divine bliss. After attaining moksha, the soul loses its impermanent, gender-linked body and enters Vaikuntha or Moksha Loka or the liberated world. This is the ultimate realm of Lord Vishnu.

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