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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl in the movie moksha?

A young girl, Ritika ( Manisha Koirala) takes a fancy to him and goes all out to woo him, at first he rejects her advances and eventually he gives in after she presents him with an expensive painting and they become a couple.

Who are the members of the cast of Moesha?

20 Years Later — Where Is the 'Moesha' Cast Now? 1 Brandy Norwood (Moesha Mitchell) 2 Countess Vaughn (Kimberly Parker) 3 Ray J (Dorian "D-Money" Long) 4 Shar Jackson (Niecy Jackson) 5 William Allen Young (Frank Mitchell) 6 Sheryl Lee Ralph (Dee Mitchell) 7 Marcus Paulk (Myles Mitchell) 8 Yvette Wilson (Andell Wilkerson)

Is the movie moksha salvation a good movie?

The movie is good, and its a picture of my mind (may not be of others) , but every person on earth today should watch this movie once at least, they may fast forward and rewind if they want, but see it for sure. That's all I can say. I still watch it as an inspiration.

Why was Rithika killed in the movie moksha?

And then Rithika is killed and the police charge Vikram with her murder, relying on considerable evidence and witnesses that will go to show that Vikram did indeed commit this crime. — rAjOo ([email protected])

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