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Frequently Asked Questions

How does molecular biology support the theory of evolution?

How Does Molecular Biology Support the Theory of Evolution. That is that at a molecular level, the majority of evolutionary developments, and most of the variation within and between species is not caused by natural selection but is actually caused by a a genetic drift of mutant alleles that are actually neutral.

Is there molecular evidence for evolution?

Molecular evidence for evolution also includes: The same biochemical building blocks, such as amino acids and nucleotides, are found in all organisms, from bacteria to plants and animals. ... DNA and RNA determine the development of all organisms. The similarities and differences between the genomes confirm patterns of evolution.

What is an example of molecular biology?

Molecular biology is the study of life at the level of atoms and molecules. Suppose, for example, that one wishes to understand as much as possible about an earthworm. At one level, it is possible to describe the obvious characteristics of the worm, including its size, shape, color, weight, the foods it eats, and the way it reproduces.

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