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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monaco considered a state?

Government of Monaco. Monaco is considered a constitutional monarchy and its official name is the Principality of Monaco. It has an executive branch of government with a chief of state (Prince Albert II) and a head of government.

Do rich people live in Monaco?

Some “rich” people live in Monaco because there are certain tax advantages that benefit them. There is no personal income tax and estate tax, for example, and they may find that having residency in Monaco saves them enough money that it offsets the incredible expense and inconvenience.

What is food like in Monaco?

As many tourists find this place as an extension of France, the cuisine of Monaco has its Mediterranean character with fish, sea foods, fresh vegetables, rice and olive oil as the basic meal of Monaco. Fish industry is one of the main sources of income of Monaco, with the Nice River and the Mediterranean Sea close to it.

How was Monaco formed?

Monaco was initially an Italian principality. It was founded by Genoa, and later became a colony of Spanish "Aragon," which took over large chunks of Italy. In the 19th century, after the French Revolution, it became a part of Sardinia. It was Monaco's association with "Italy" that tended to keep it out of the hand of France.

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