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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MoneyGram a safe way to get paid?

In this respect, using MoneyGram for your international remittance needs is as safe and secure as it gets. However, much like in the case of its Western Union counterpart, MoneyGram is used widely by scam artists as their preferred payment method.

Does MoneyGram have a time limit?

MoneyGram time limit for transfer A typical transfer with MoneyGram takes 1-3 business days, from sending to receipt. The exact duration will depend on a few factors, including the currency pairings involved, the transfer value, as well as the particular systems of the sending and receiving bank.

How much money can you send Through MoneyGram?

You can send more, but it will be broken up into chunks. MoneyGram caps transfers at $899.99, for a maximum of $3,000 in a 30-day period. PayPal allows transactions of up to $10,000 domestically. iKobo limits usage of a preloaded card to $500 per day.

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