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Frequently Asked Questions

How many houses are for sale in Monona IA?

There are 121 active homes for sale in Monona, IA. Some of the hottest neighborhoods near Monona, IA are Point, North End, Kenwood Park, Historic Bluffs, Noelridge Park.

How to contact City Hall in Monona Iowa?

For the most current and accurate information please go to City Hall is currently open regular hours (Mon - Fri 8 am to 4 pm) but for any business that can be done over the phone (539-2355), fax (539-4774),… Monona Residents: Please make sure garbage and recycling are out by 6 a.m. on each pick up day.

What is the Monona Historical Museum?

Our Monona Historical Museum boasts the largest known display of hand-carved chains, among other treasures. Fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, & hiking are enjoyed by locals & visitors alike.

Why buy a Monona home?

Monona is highly regarded for our well-maintained homes, citizen involvement, excellent school system and quality of life. Winner of Iowa's First Community Betterment Award and followed by numerous first place awards in many categories, Monona can attribute this…

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