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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Montana-Dakota Utilities online account services?

Montana-Dakota Utilities Online Account Services offer a great way to conveniently and securely manage your account online. You can access Online Account Services from any device 24/7. That means you can log in to your account, using our mobile friendly site, any time of day.

What to do if your Montana Dakotas account has been disconnected?

View frequently asked questions, send us a message, and provide feedback. Please DO NOT use Montana-Dakotas’ online forms if: Your service has been disconnected because you have not paid your Montana-Dakota Utilities bill. Instead, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-638-3278.

What does CSA mean for Montana Dakota Utilities?

Montana-Dakota Utilities' Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) program provides property owners and property management companies the ability to maintain constant, year-round utility service to a property without the worry of interruption if a tenant moves out.

How does Montana-Dakota Utilities protect your privacy?

Montana-Dakota Utilities respects and protects your privacy and recognizes the importance of our customers’ trust. The page, We Value Your Privacy, will help inform you of the types of nonpublic personal information that we collect, security measures that we take, and how we share information inside and outside of our company.

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