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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find gold in Montana?

Most of the gold produced in Montana is a byproduct of the copper industry. Some of the best places to prospect for placer gold in Montana are located in Broadwater County on the eastern slopes of the Elkhorn Mountains in the rivers and streams that flow toward the east.

Why are gold and silver Montana's State motto?

The Montana state motto is a Spanish motto and in English it means "Gold and Silver" and was selected at the same time as the territorial seal for the state of Montana back in 1865. The reason for choosing the Montana motto "Gold and Silver" is the great historical impact the findings of rich metals in the Montana Mountains has had on Montana .

Where are the largest gold deposits found?

Despite the fact that gold can be found almost everywhere, there is very little gold in comparison to other elements on earth. In fact, if all the gold ever discovered were collected and melted down and formed into one cube, it would measure just 20 meters on each side. The largest known deposits of gold appear on two continents, Africa and India .

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