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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between legal and moral accountability?

Moral accountability is completely different from both of these and there is legal or contractual obligation to deliver something. The individual/state take up responsibility for something that they are not directly involved in.

How is moral accountability related to moral interlocutor?

I will argue that being morally responsible for an act amounts to being accountable for that act, and that being accountable requires being a moral interlocutor. To be a moral interlocutor is to be alert to moral reasons in favor of or against the behavior in question and it is to be

How is moral accountability predicated on history?

Moral accountability is predicated on a history free of factors such as coercion, manipulation, and intimidation as well as assorted deviant environmental and psychological phe- nomena where these are sufficient to compromise the voluntary character of the action.

What does it mean to have moral responsibility?

In everyday speech, one often hears references to people’s “moral responsibility” where the point is to indicate that a person has some duty or obligation—some responsibility —to which that person is required, by some standard, to attend.

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