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Frequently Asked Questions

What does morbidity mean in medical terms?

Morbidity (from Latin morbidus, meaning 'sick, unhealthy') is a diseased state, disability, or poor health due to any cause. The term may be used to refer to the existence of any form of disease, or to the degree that the health condition affects the patient.

What is mortality vs morbidity?

Morbidity vs. Mortality. Morbidity refers to the unhealthy state of an individual, while mortality refers to the state of being mortal. Both concepts can be applied at the individual level or across a population. For example, a morbidity rate looks at the incidence of a disease across a population and/or geographic location during a single year.

What is morbidity mean?

Definition of morbidity. 1 : the quality or state of being morbid especially : an attitude, quality, or state of mind marked by excessive gloom … there must have been some strange morbidity in his nature which made him take a grim pleasure in self-torture.

What is the morbidity rate?

The morbidity rate is the frequency or proportion with which a disease appears in a population. Morbidity rates are used in actuarial professions, such as health insurance, life insurance, and long-term care insurance to determine the premiums to charge to customers.

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