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Frequently Asked Questions

What do m'ores mods do for Minecraft?

M'ores is a Forge 1.16+ mod that aims to make the underground mining experience better, currently this mod adds 8 new ores but i plan to add more over the updates. All Ores (Up to date) Spoiler (click to show)

Can you put more ores in one file?

Put the downloaded More Ores in ONE file into the mods folder you are allowed to use this mod in a modpack and configure it as you wish. you are allowed to add support for More Ores In ONE in your own mod or Ressource Pack. you are allowed to post screenshots/videos showcasing this mod.

Is there a forge 1.16 beta version?

Forge is in beta right now for 1.16, so some issues are to be expected. They're working quite hard to get things figured out, but it may take a little while. I'm eager to learn and am prone to mistakes. Don't hesitate to tell me how I can improve.

How to get more XP ores in Forge?

-Can be mined with Mining Level 1 (Stone) and better. -When mined, they will either give you a small amount of Experience or a huge amount (50:50). -The amount can be increased through the fortune enchantment. -End XP Ore's amount of XP > Nether XP Ore's amount > Overworld XP Ore's amount.

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