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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moss considered as a plant?

Moss is a very simple type of plant that lacks conventional roots, stems, and leaves. The name refers to any species of the class Bryopsida and is part of the division Bryophyta.

How does Moss get its food?

Mosses make their own food through photosynthesis. Mosses reproduce or make more of themselves by branching and breaking into pieces. They also regenerate from parts of leaves or stems, and by spores. Mosses are valuable in the form of peat moss and sphagnum used for fuel.

Is Moss the same as algae?

From a distance, moss and algae look similar: patches of green plant life. To further confuse matters, some organisms with the name "moss," such as Irish moss, are in fact types of algae. However, true moss and algae are two distinct species with different characteristics.

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