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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add too much friction modifier?

Also, can you use too much friction modifier? Without friction modifier added to gear oil for use in a limited slip clutch disk differential, the clutches will grab/pop/bind. The situation will be noticed when you do tight turn. The modifier allows the clutches to slip in a smooth fashion in a controlled amount. TOO much is bad and not enough is also bad.

Do I need the friction modifier?

Friction modifier is not needed because it is an ELD (Electronic Locking Differential). The Owner's Manual does not specify that, but friction modifier is only needed on limited slip non-ELD axles." Click to expand...

What is a limited slip friction modifier?

Limited-slip differentials contain clutches that automatically deliver more power to to a wheel that has traction and less to a wheel that is slipping. Friction Modifier additive eliminates noise that can occur when limited-slip mechanisms engage and disengage.

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