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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of mounted?

(of a fortress or warship) to have or carry (guns) in position for use. to go or put on guard, as a sentry or watch. to attach to or fix on or in a support, backing, setting, etc.: to mount a photograph; to mount a diamond in a ring.

What is mountmount Washington?

Mount Washington was founded in 1909 as a subdivision laid out by real estate developer Robert Marsh.

What is the etymology of the word Mount?

History and Etymology for mount. Noun (1) Middle English, from Old English munt & Anglo-French munt, mont, both from Latin mont-, mons; akin to Welsh mynydd mountain, Latin minari to project, threaten.

What does it mean to mount the throne?

mount verb (GO UP) [ T ] to go up or onto: He mounted the platform and began to speak to the assembled crowd. formal Queen Elizabeth II mounted the throne (= became queen) in 1952. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

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