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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major mountains in Spain?

Significant mountains in Spain include the limestone Cordillera Cantabrica and rugged Sistema Iberico (north); massive Pyrenees (northeast) where many peaks exceed 3,000 meters; the deeply eroded and rocky Sierra de Cuenca (east), and the lower Montes de Toledo and Serrania de Cuenca (south-central).

What are the names of the mountains in Spain?

Some of the mountain ranges in Spain include the Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, the Cordillera Cantabria, the Sistema Iberico, the Cordillera Betica, the Sierra de Cuenca, and the Montes de Toledo. The mountains in Spain play a significant role in promoting tourism and nature conservation.

What are the mountains of Spain called?

The Cantabrian Mountains or Cantabrian Range ( Spanish: Cordillera Cantábrica) are one of the main systems of mountain ranges in Spain. They stretch for over 300 km (180 miles) across northern Spain, from the western limit of the Pyrenees to the Galician Massif in Galicia, along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea.

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