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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Piedmont Mountainside Hospital?

In the past few years, Piedmont Mountainside has consistently ranked in the top five Atlanta hospitals in patient experience as well as received top marks for our commitment to patient safety by Leapfrog 8 consecutive times. Additionally, Piedmont Mountainside Hospital is named one of the nation’s 100 top hospitals by IBM Watson Health.

What is mountainside emergency services at Ellijay?

Piedmont Mountainside Emergency Services at Ellijay offers similar services as a hospital-based emergency department, like moderate-complexity blood testing and advanced imaging, and provides care for most emergent illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and minor trauma.

What is mountainside Medical Center virtual care?

With Mountainside Medical Center Virtual Care, you can do virtually anything. Like access all your health information, schedule your appointments or video visits, and so much more. easy ways to find and schedule care.

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