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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the cast members of Black Sabbath?

Cast overview: Michèle Mercier Rosy (segment "Il telefono") Lidia Alfonsi Mary (segment "Il telefono") (as Lydia A ... Boris Karloff Gorca (segment "I Wurdalak") Mark Damon Vladimir D'Urfe (segment "I Wurdalak") Susy Andersen Sdenka (segment "I Wurdalak") 7 more rows ...

How many stories are in the Black Sabbath movie?

The film consists of three separate tales that are introduced by Boris Karloff. The order in which the stories are presented varies among the different versions in which the film has been released.

Is there going to be a Black Sabbath remake?

Plans for a remake were announced in 2004 with Jonathan Hensleigh attached to write the script. Since its original release, Black Sabbath has received positive reviews from critics, and was placed at number 73 on a Time Out poll of the best horror films. Note: This plot summary refers to the original Italian version of the film.

How did the band Black Sabbath get their name?

This film served as inspiration for the naming of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. In 1968, the band (then called Earth) was playing a small club in Birmingham, England. Across the street was a movie theater showing the film Black Sabbath. The band noticed that more people were in line to see the movie than were to see the band.

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