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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Family Movie of all time?

100 Best Family movies. 1. Children of Heaven (1997) 2. The Kid (1921) 3. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) 4. Modern Times (1936) 5. Hugo (2011)

What are the most popular family movies of 2020?

One of the most talked about family movies of 2020 was the live action version of the Disney classic Mulan. The original 1998 animated Mulan is definitely a fan favorite, thanks to its spunky lead character, unforgettable soundtrack, and feminist undertones.

What are the best family-friendly movies to watch on Netflix?

From Netflix originals like The Princess Switch to early-aughts favorites like What a Girl Wants, this streaming platform has your next family-friendly movie night set. And you're probably having more of those than normal lately, with all the self-isolating and social distancing going on.

What is the best Disney movie to watch with your family?

“Toy Story” With enough inside jokes for adults, this animated film of toys coming to life is perfect for family movie night. It’s so good, it spawned three sequels and numerous spin-offs, setting you up for the next couple of weekends. 15. “Aladdin” Another Disney classic.

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