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Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch movies on 123Movies?

Go to 123Movies and find the movie you want to watch. Download the subtitles for the movie and open them in Notepad. Click on the “Play” icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Copy the captions from the Notepad document and paste them in the little box.

How to watch Finding Nemo?

If you’re hoping to revisit Finding Nemo (2003), you’re in luck. New streaming service Disney+ lets you watch this undersea Pixar adventure from the comfort of your living room or on your favorite mobile device. You’re now able to stream Finding Nemo on Disney+ wherever you’re connected to the internet.

Is Finding Nemo on Hulu?

Finding Nemo is an American movie classic, available on Hulu, is a movie about a couple, Marlin and his wife, who are admiring their new home when a barracuda attacks them, knocking Marlin unconscious, only to wake and find that all but one of the eggs were eaten.

What movie is Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo is a 2003 American computer-animated comedy adventure film written and directed by Andrew Stanton, released by Walt Disney Pictures, and the fifth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

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