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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of 2FA does Thunderbird support?

Thunderbird does support 2FA (Authentication method = OAuth2). If you add a Gmail account, for example, it opens a browser window for you to follow the usual login process, including whatever 2FA you have configured. Hotmail/Outlook doesn't seem to support OAuth2, but they do support app passwords.

How to configure 2 factor authentication in Thunderbird?

This document describes how to configure modern, 2 factor authentication with new ThunderBird versions Note: These instructions assume you are running a version of Thunderbird 77.0b1 or later which supports OAuth2 modern authentication. Launch Thunderbird to bring up the main Thunderbird interface.

What kind of Auth does Thunderbird support?

It would have been really nice to have Thunderbird support the Microsoft 2FA Protocol (aka Modern Auth) directly which would have allowed things to just work.

Can you set Thunderbird to use oauth2.0?

IF you set Thunderbird to use Oauth2.0 as it's authentication method and create an application password on Google for Thunderbird to use you should be able to. But where Google and their hair brained security is concerned, the best I will offer is you should be able to. They change things on a whim and explain very little of what they do.

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