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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reinstall Mozilla Thunderbird?

Open a Web browser and navigate to Mozilla's Thunderbird site (see Resources). Click "Download" and save the Thunderbird installer to your desktop. Double-click the downloaded installer to begin reinstalling the application.

What is mozbackup and how does one use it?

MozBackup is a standalone utility (for Windows only) rather than a Thunderbird extension. It works by backing up a Thunderbird profile into a single file (named "*.pcv"), which can then be restored on the same Windows computer or a different one. MozBackup can also be used to back up and restore Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and Netscape 7 profiles.

What is Thunderbird backup file?

Steps to Backup Thunderbird Profile Press " Windows Key + R " to open the " Run " dialog box. Type " %appdata%/Thunderbird " in the blank field. Click the " Ok " button. In the Thunderbird directory, press " Ctrl + A " to select all the files and folders. Copy them with the " Ctrl + C " keyboard shortcut. Press " Ctrl + V " to paste the copied folders in the backup folder of your choice.

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