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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a VPN on a Mac?

Whether on a Mac desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone, protect your entire device from hackers and prying eyes with a VPN from Mozilla, a pioneer in internet security since 1998. From business to leisure, you should feel safe online no matter what brings you there.

Can you use Mozilla VPN on Windows 10?

Mozilla VPN helps you use public wifi smarter by protecting your internet connection from hackers and internet providers looking to collect your data. Its one-click privacy is available for Mac and iOS, (as well as Windows 10, Linux and Android), and doesn’t impact your speed.

How to download a VPN for Mozilla Firefox?

Visit . Click Try Mozilla VPN. This will open the Firefox Accounts page. Enter the email for your Firefox Account to sign in. If a Firefox Account isn't found for your email address, you'll automatically be taken through the steps to sign up for a new one. Under VPN for Windows 10, click Download .

How does a subscription to Mozilla VPN work?

It does this by allowing you to connect to one of our partners’ secure servers and browse the Web or access the Internet through that server’s connection. Your subscription allows Mozilla VPN on up to five devices.

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