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Frequently Asked Questions

When to get MRI?

An MRI scan is usually requested after a month or so, if the lower back pain shows no signs of abating. The MRI scan is used as a means of establishing what is causing the pain.

How long does a MRI take?

Allow two hours for your MRI exam. In most cases, the procedure takes 40 to 80 minutes; during that time, several dozen images may be taken.

What is MRI used to diagnose?

MRI scans are often used to help diagnose abnormalities in the brain, such as birth defects, developmental deformities, damage caused by medical procedures, or cerebral palsy, and these scans can reveal either large or very minute brain changes. MRI scans can also be used to diagnose the effects of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, on brain tissue.

When is a MRI necessary?

Another important consideration with MRI scans is the timing of when the scan is done. The only time an MRI scan is needed immediately is when a patient has either: Bowel or bladder incontinence. Progressive weakness in the legs due to nerve damage.

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