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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is a MRI, really?

In general, there is no known risk of using MRI in pregnant patients. However, MRI is reserved for use in pregnant patients only to address very important problems or suspected abnormalities. In any case, MRI is safer for the fetus than imaging with x-rays or computed tomography (CT).

What does a MRI safetycampus provide?

A custom-branded MRI SafetyCampus allows healthcare institutions to provide accredited and non-accredited continuing medical education to their staff as well as other first responders that may find themselves operating within the MRI

What to expect after a MRI?

What to Expect After an MRI. After the Examination. Support. Bring a family member or friend with you if you need to wait for examination results. They can talk with you and be there to support you during and after the examination. They can also drive you home if you have sedative medicine during the examination.

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