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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Microsoft Exchange cost?

Depending upon your provider, hosted Exchange will run you anywhere from $0-30 per mailbox per month, with the midpoint being roughly $12 per mailbox per month.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Exchange?

A huge Microsoft Exchange advantage is that it offers its users enhanced security feature. There are several threats that may impede the function of a good program and the Microsoft Exchange Server aids in neutralizing those threats. Users of this particular email client are less prone to viruses, spam and hackers.

Is Microsoft Exchange free?

The 6.5.6944 version of Microsoft Exchange is provided as a free download on our website. You can run Microsoft Exchange on Windows XP 32-bit. This program is an intellectual property of Microsoft. Microsoft Exchange is included in Development Tools.

What are the features of Microsoft Exchange?

Like other groupware solutions, it includes communication and organizational features, including: Email hosting A calendar component, including collaborative features like meeting invites, shared calendars, and bookable resources Contact management providing an organization-wide address book, as well as personal contact stores Collaborative task management, such as the ability to delegate tasks to another user Sticky notes, files, and others

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