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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest grade ms70 or ms70?

Modern coins which receive the top grade of MS70 are viewed with skepticism by some collectors and dealers.

What does MS 70 mean on a coin?

A coin certified in MS70/PR70 condition means the coin has been carefully examined by the experts. Only coins that are perfect in all aspects of strike, surface and luster are awarded the top grade of Mint State 70 or Proof 70.

Is there a difference between ms70 and PR70 coins?

The short answer is no. Depending on how few or how many coins have been certified perfect 70 by a grading service, known as the (certified population), there can be a big difference in price. Take the 1995 silver eagle as an example. The coin lists on the PCGS price guide for $4,000 in MS70 because only one coin has been graded perfect MS70.

What is the value of a MS 70 silver medal?

1841 William Harrison Presidential Silver Medal 2021, PCGS MS-70 First Strike! 1841 William Harrison Presidential Silver Medal (2021), PCGS MS-70 First Strike! 2007 W 1/2 oz GOLD $10 MARTHA WASHINGTON FIRST SPOUSE,George Washington $1 Coin. 1997 S ROBINSON $1 MS70 & 1997 S ROBINSON $1 PF70 ULTRA CAMEO!

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