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Frequently Asked Questions

What is container cargo tracking?

Track Container. A container Tracking System allows you to know where your sea cargo is in the world and gives you the port details. You can track anytime the current location of the container. To track a container location you need to specify the container number/Bill of lading/Booking number and the shipping line.

What is container tracking number?

One way to track a container is using the container number. A container number is composed of four letters (container prefix) which is the owner code followed by six digits serial number and a check digit. For example: ABCD1234567.

Can You track an USPS shipment without the tracking number?

In order to track a package, you need a tracking number. A tracking number is a unique number or ID which is allotted to each package which is shipped through USPS. Many people ask this query whether they can track a package without a tracking number or not? Well, then the answer is No. You cannot track a package without tracking number.

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