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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the MSC mod loader?

>>> You can download full package from github here if you need helpful modders Debug stuff. Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post. output_log.txt from mysummercar_Data folder is now your friend.

How many mods are there for my Summer Car?

My Summer Car Mods Category Name Mods Downloads Last update Graphic Mods 6 5,616 Jun 24, 2021 New Gear / Armor 4 3,034 Jun 23, 2021 Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 5 3,155 Jun 22, 2021 General Mods 7 9,064 Jun 23, 2021 2 more rows ...

What kind of Mod do I need for my car?

Cassette Tapes Similar to the VHS player, you can also add custom music into My Summer Car as well. Cassette Tapes is a mod that allows you to add custom music. You can play this on the radio system in your house. The mod supports popular formats like mp3 and wav files, so you shouldn’t have any problems adding music.

What can I do with MSC plugins for Satsuma?

Adds a ACC ignition warning signal to satsuma! Lets you call your cousin (Pena) and ask him to pick you up from home or town. Easily Improve FPS of My Summer Car! Remove urine stains from the floor! you can now ride with jani as passenger! Adds a Ricochet to the highway that you can hitchhike! It is a handmade emblem hood mascot.

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