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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get MSDN?

Get or Activate Your MSDN Subscription Step: 1. Check you should have your registered Email Id with Subscription Id. Step: 2. Open following URL and click to Sign In link from the top. Step: 3. Just click on Create One as following image shows [Don't enter your email id]. Step: 4. ... Step: 5. ... Step: 6. ... Step: 7. ... Step: 8. ...

What is MSDN licensing?

MSDN is a subscription based, per user license. Subscriptions are managed through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) Subscriptions Benefit Administration Tool. Subscriptions can be transferred between users, but only once every 90 days.

What is MSDN key?

An MSDN Key, like a Retail one, has unlimited activations on the same hardware. Unlike a Retail Key, MSDN licenses are restricted to use in a non-production environment. It is not possible to buy 'a key' for any version of Windows - you MUST buy the complete package, or you can guarantee that it's counterfeit.

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