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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to index a MSDS book?

The index for your msds book could be as simple as the inventory list with the corresponding page number of each msds sheet for the products that you will include in your binder. Or you might want to include categories in your book if you think it will make it easier for your employees to find the msds sheets that way.

What is an MSDS book?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) book is a specialized, formal document containing information about the characteristics and hazards of a given substance.

What is this material safety data sheet template?

This material safety data sheet template comes pre-built with the framework and core fields you need to document, record and organise material safety data sheets in your workplace. How does this smart material safety data sheet template work?

Do you need a safety data sheet book?

For every chemical that your business handles you need a safety data sheet that includes: It is essential that you provide as much useful information as possible in your safety data sheet book. You have a responsibility to take good care of your employees so be sure not to miss anything out.

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