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Frequently Asked Questions

Do safety data sheets include NSN's?

NSN's are not required data on Safety Data Sheets. A manufacturer can put this information on an SDS if they wish, of course. NSN's are similar in a sense to a CAS number which uniquely identifies a specific chemical substance, however an NSN identifies a specific product.

What is an MSDS book?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) book is a specialized, formal document containing information about the characteristics and hazards of a given substance.

What is the NSN number?

The NSN consists of a four-digit Federal Supply Class (FSC) code number plus a nine-digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN). For example, in NSN 1315-00-9356011: The FSC code is 1315, followed by: A two-digit National Codification Bureau (NCB) code ("00" or "01" indicates the United States), followed by:

How to search for free MSDS sheets?

Search the CSE First for All Free SDS/MSDS Sheets available on the Web. - just enter the Manufacturer, Product Or Chemical name for your MSDS or SDS Search. The CSE also Searches any Query for OSHA Standards, Just Enter the Question or Reg. Number i.e. HazCom Standard is 1910.1200 ENTER QUERY BELOW FREE Hard To Find MSDS Sheets!

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