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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MSDS book?

SDS books, (M)sds books, (formerly Msds Books) are what is described within these pages. We are now printing all new Msds binders with “SDS” or safety data sheets.

How do I Make my SDS book Look Good?

You want to make your SDS book as visible and obvious as possible. There are other things that you can purchase for your MSDS binders such as dividers that have tabs for each chemical, individual sheet protectors, an SDS sign that can be located near to the binder, and even a wire rack for your MSDS binder.

How to put together a SDS book or folder?

How to Put Together a MSDS/SDS Book or Folder 1 Take an Inventory First. The first step in building your SDS binder is to take inventory of all the chemical products and substances in use in your facility and acquire ... 2 Gather Your Safety Data Sheets. ... 3 Organize Your MSDS/SDS Book. ... 4 Include Other Pertinent Information. ...

Where should I Keep my MSDS book?

Therefore, the msds book is a reference book, and should be accessible through the work day. Where you keep your msds book should be known to your employees, and made part of your written hazard communications policy.

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