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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I restore my laptop to factory settings?

Insert the "Recovery Disk" or "System Recovery Disk.". If you have more than one disk, make sure you insert "Disk 1" or "Part 1.". Press any key to boot from CD if prompted to do so. Choose a "Full System Restore," "Restore Factory Settings," or another option worded similarly.

How do you reset your computer to factory settings?

Insert the HP recovery disk. Restart the computer, and press the "F11" key. Press the "F" key to "reinstall factory settings.". If your computer's operating system is damaged, you may only see "perform a full system recovery" as an option.

How do I fully reset my laptop?

One of the menu options will be to choose a hard drive. Select your current drive and choose the option to format the drive using the full or long format. If you do not format your computer first it will not be completely reset. After formatting however, you will have to reinstall all of your computer programs.

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