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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock the BIOS on a MSI laptop?

Unlocking Bios On MOST MSI Laptops !!! Press delete at startup to enter Bios, At the BIOS screen Hold ALT, Hold Right Control, Hold Shift, And Press F2 while holding those 3 buttons, Advanced Menu will show up, DO NOT DO AYTHING INSANE, Changing clocks within specifications or UNDER is the only thing I recommend you do with those settings.

What is BIOS password and how to find it?

A BIOS Password is the verification information required now and then to log into a computer’s basic input/output system before the booting process starts. However, the BIOS password needs to be manually enabled and is thus mostly found on corporate computers and not personal systems.

How do I remove the BIOS password from my computer 2020?

How to Remove or Reset the BIOS Password (2020) Method 1: BIOS Password Backdoor. Method 2: Removing CMOS Battery to Bypass BIOS Password. Method 3: Bypass or Reset BIOS Password Using Motherboard Jumper. Method 4: Reset BIOS Password Using Third-party Software. Method 5: Remove BIOS Password Using Command Prompt.

How to reset CMOS settings and BIOS password?

There is a lot of third-party software available online that can reset BIOS Passwords like CMOSPwd. You can download it from this website and follow the given instructions. The final method is only for those who already have access to their system and want to remove or reset the CMOS settings along with the BIOS password.

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