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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Turn on Bluetooth on MSI laptop?

Press "Fn-F9" to turn on Bluetooth on the MSI Wind. Check the Bluetooth light-emitting diode to determine the status of the Bluetooth radio. If the light remains off, the Wind uses a different set of hot keys to enable Bluetooth. 2. Hold down "Fn" and press "F11" to toggle through the wireless settings.

Which key to press to boot from USB?

The key is usually "F1," F2," F10," "Del" or "Esc.". Once in BIOS, use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the "Boot" menu. Following the onscreen instructions, change the first priority boot device to "USB" and select "Save and Exit.". When the computer restarts it will boot from the connected USB device.

How can I boot my computer from external hard drive?

Setting up Your External Hard Drive Figure out your computer's BIOS key on Windows. Attach the external hard drive to your computer. Format the hard drive if necessary. Make sure you have an item from which to boot. Place the boot file on the external hard drive. Make the external hard drive bootable.

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