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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change keyboard color on MSI laptop?

How To Change Keyboard Color On Msi Laptop Download the sse and change the keyboard backlight in sse. Finding the corresponding model and click specifications.Fn + the minus key on the number pad to increase ot tun on the backlight.Fn key + the plus key on the number pad to darken the backlight. From there you can click on.

How to find out what type of backlight does my MSI device use?

Visit MSI official website and type the device’s model name in the search box on the upper right corner. Then, press the [Enter] key to start searching. Find the corresponding model and click "Specifications." Check to see which type of lighting your device uses (full color backlight, single color backlight, or no backlight).

Does my MSI LG 150 need a new keyboard?

Lg 150 needs keyboard change.My msi laptop has a steelseries keyboard.Now look at the left pane of ease of access and you can see many areas of settings are present.

How do I install mystic light on my MSI laptop?

A Download Dragon Center software (or applicable software) HERE, or from the Support Tab of MSI product page. Install and reboot your system. B Launch Dragon Center. Click the "Download" icon, select "Live Update" then click "Scan". C Select Mystic Light in the scan list and install.

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