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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is a MSI gaming laptop?

MSI gaming laptops are good for gaming because that specially made for gamers. MSI gaming laptops also have good slim and sleek design then other gaming laptops. So if you’re looking for good MSI gaming laptops then choose from above list.

How can I clean the outside of my laptop?

One part dishwashing detergent with five parts water. Soak the sponge in the cleaning liquid. Wring out the sponge until it’s dry. Gently wipe down the laptop’s case. The laptop case is the outside. We’ll get to the keyboard and screen later. You can use the sponge and swabs to clean the touch pad though.

How do you clean a laptop monitor?

Start with an anti-static or very soft cloth and gently wipe dust from the surface of the monitor. Next, put a solution of rubbing alcohol or cider vinegar and water onto a cloth and wipe the monitor, always moving in the same direction, and follow by gently drying the monitor.

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