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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset computer to factory settings?

In order to restore your computer to its factory settings, you need to reset your computer to accept those settings. Click the "Start" menu on your computer and point to the "All Programs" menu item. Click the "Accessories" folder. Click the "System Tools" folder. Click the "System Restore" icon.

How do you return a computer to factory condition?

Back up all the files you want to keep onto an external disk or drive, go to start menu, click "Control Panel", click "System and Security", click "Backup and Restore", click "Recover system settings or your computer", click "Advanced recovery methods", click "Return your computer to factory condition".

How do you factory reset a laptop?

Factory-Resetting the Laptop Backup your data if possible. Plug your laptop into an outlet. Reboot your computer and press .Alt + F10 as soon as the Gateway or Acer logo appears. Select "Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults". Create your account and start using your computer.

How can I restore my computer to original settings?

You can restore many computers to their factory settings. Turn on the computer. Press "F8" immediately and hold it in until the "Advanced Boot Options" screen appears on the monitor. Press the "Down" arrow on your keyboard until you reach the "Repair Your Computer" option.

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