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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the right click button on a laptop?

The simplest laptops to right-click on are those with two buttons below the trackpad for the mouse. The left button is for left-clicking, and the right button is for right-clicking. Many laptops don't have physically separate buttons, but the pad has a clicking section at the bottom, which is separated by a vertical dividing line.

What is the keyboard shortcut for right click on a PC?

The right-click keyboard shortcut is to hold down SHIFT and then press F10. That’s one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts because it comes in VERY handy and sometimes it’s actually easier to use the keyboard than the mouse.

How do you right click on a surface?

Click the right mouse pad button to right-click and object or bring up a right-click menu. This button works the same as a right mouse button. Click and hold the left mouse pad button to select an item and slide your finger across the surface of the mouse pad to drag the item across the screen.

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