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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty on a MSI laptop?

MSI laptops have a 12-month manufacturer warranty, which is applicable from the purchase date. Check out the table below to see what protection comes with your product: File an MSI Product Warranty Claim With DoNotPay Filing warranty claims doesn’t have to be tiring and dull.

How to contact MSI Global-MSI USA?

Please sign in to access MSI membership site. Click "MY PRODUCT" tab in the menu on the left to register for your products. After product registration completed, click "MY WARRANTY " tab in the menu on the left to view the warranty status of your product. If you are still experiencing problems please contact our customer support team.

How long are MSI gaming peripherals good for?

In accordance with original manufacturer's products serial number/barcode, Accessories are warranted for 12 months by original manufacturer. 4. Warranty Exclusions MSI’s warranty shall not apply, regardless of whether the Product is in-warranty, or out of warranty, in the following situations:

How to file a warranty claim with MSI?

How To File an MSI Warranty Claim Over the Phone. You may get in touch with MSI’s customer care over the phone and tell the rep you wish to claim your warranty. This is what you should do: Call 1-888-447-6564. Tell the customer agent why you are calling them. Explain the issue with your product.

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