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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have MSI Calacatta Arno countertops?

Thinking of putting the MSI Calacatta Arno quartz countertops in our kitchen, but having trouble visualizing it from the photos on the MSI website. Does anyone have this installed in their kitchen and mind sharing the photos?

How does MSI make natural quartz countertops?

MSI’s domestic manufacturing plant provides the most advanced machinery combined with patent production processes to produce the most natural-looking quartz countertops in the market. Flaunting the look of marble looks in an effortless quartz, these of-the-moment styles give kitchens and bathroom countertops a touch of luxe.

What kind of tile does MSI Los Angeles use?

MSI Los Angeles is home to a well-lit climate-controlled state of the art flooring and wall tile showroom, distribution center, slab selection showroom, and hardscaping showroom. Our Sun Valley showroom features hundreds of colors of quartz, granite, marble and, other natural stone slab countertops available for all of your project needs.

Where can I buy MSI countertops in California?

MSI products must be purchased through our network of dealers and retailers. Parents and Guardians are responsible for their children’s conduct at all times.

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